micro planetary gear motor

Custom Design Shaft
There tend to be customers who need custom design dc equipment motor. Usually customers order some small gear engine samples by our web store. When the main size parameters are identified, the small gear motors will be altered in accordance to different applications, such as for example shaft length, diameter, form…

The intended nominal operating voltage for these motors is 3 V to 6 V, though in general, these kinds of motors can be used at voltages outside this range (rotation typically starts among 0.2 V and 0.3 V). 6mm precise plastic-type planetary gearmotors. Gear ratios from range: 700:1, 136:1, 26:1, 5:1, Voltage range from 3VDC – 6VDC

These nano dc motors are produced with high precision. The minimum reduction ratio is usually 26:1, 5:1, and the gearbox is made of injection molded plastic-type. This miniature gear electric motor is certainly a 6mm coreless style with neodymium uncommon earth magnets. Generally these micro gear motors are utilized for auto, medical instrumentation and miniaturized consumer applications.

These 6mm precision gear motors are widely used in digital rotating mascara, robotic machinery, medical apparatus, etc. The gearbox is constructed of plastic and is usually RoHS compliant. The gear ratio can be adjusted according to the buyer’s requirements.NFP-motor manufactures all kinds of micro dc electric motor for over 10 years. Motors made by us are widely used in different applications, such as for example telecommunication devices and health-care products, medical devices and robotic products. Monthly capability over 15 million motors. We have been making the best initiatives to become one of the leading micro engine manufacturers in this industry. By investing 10 % of our annual revenue into R&D as well as advanced facilities, we Micro Planetary Gear Motor continue steadily to grow stably. Our mission is to produce cost effective motors with best quality to fulfill our customers from worldwide. This is actually the target we purpose at now and forever.

Small Gear Motors Package
When the micro gear motors finish assembly, and 100% tested by QC, it’ll be loaded right into a specific foam box. Usually 100 units miniature gear motors a little pack. It really is fixed properly and has maximum safety for the gearbox electric motor. 1000 units planetary gear motor is a full case.


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